People believe Aliens RPG is still coming, we’re not so sure

At E3, Sega stated that a trilogy of Aliens games was coming, with Aliens vs. Predator being the first. Despite the fact that we already know the two other games — Aliens: Colonial Marines and the freshly revealed Aliens DS game — IGN and Joystiq somehow has reason to believe that Obsidian is once again working on the canceled Aliens RPG that never saw the light of day.

Is this rudderless guesswork on the part of excitable writers, or do they have a real reason to believe Obsidian — the studio currently hard at work on Alpha Protocol — is resurrecting the roleplaying Xenomorph title? I am skeptical that Aliens RPG is still in the works, but have contacted Sega and Obsidian for comment. It seems very strange that Aliens RPG would be the third title if we already know of three games in the works. 

If this is nothing but speculation based simply on ignoring Aliens DS, I’ll be annoyed, mainly because I woke up this morning to have “Aliens RPG isn’t dead!” in my IM window and got all excited until I actually read the stories at hand.

… And they say it’s we despicable bloggers who write nothing but conjecture.

Jim Sterling