PEGI listing suggests a Western release for the Detective Pikachu 3DS game

The faces still crack me up

With all the commotion over who would voice Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu movie, I had forgotten there was a 3DS game that only saw a release in Japan. It’s rushing back to me now, though. Ah yes.

Based on a recent PEGI listing for Detective Pikachu, it would seem the mystery-solving 3DS title is moving toward a release in Europe (and the rest of the world). The ratings board has a placeholder launch date, so the timing is still up in the air, but the 3DS will stick around for a while yet.

If you’ve never really paid much attention to Detective Pikachu, just skip to any old spot in this playthrough of the first case and hear the iconic Pokémon chat away. It’s…surprising.

I’ll be curious to see how the localization goes for this one. [Twitter]

Jordan Devore
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