OXM rumors Gear of War Kinect title is? a sports game?

Since we heard you love Gears of War Kinect rumors, here’s a doozy courtesy of the March 2011 issue of Official Xbox Magazine: it’s not even a shooter.

In the magazine’s small “Crystal Ball” rumors box (across from a picture of energy-boosting beef jerky), the gaming psychics write: “What’s the Gears of War Kinect game, you ask? The Ball suggests it could be a fatality-laden, COG-versus-Locust Thrashball spin-off in the vein of Mutant League Football.”

Well, okay then. We haven’t yet tried to check into the veracity of these rumors because now we’re thinking about how awesome Mutant League Football was. But it’s worth noting that OXM‘s “Crystal Ball” has probably mentioned Gears of War Kinect every month since the motion-controlled camera was released last November. So maybe they’re just running out of things to say about it and are making things up to see what crazy blog is going to report it. (Oh.)

Gears of War Kinect rumors has been strong since late last year, when Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski was set to reveal a “surprising” series-related announced at the Spike VGAs. The reveal was ultimately shelved, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation; recent reports pegged an early concept demo of the game as an on-rails shooter that re-used Gears of War 2 assets.

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