Overwatch hits 30 million players, too many of them are Hanzos

Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!

Overwatch released almost a year ago and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. There were 7 million players in the first week, 15 million by August, and 20 million by November. Its growth rate is steady as it keeps accumulating total registered users.

Recently, Overwatch hit another milestone. As announced in the tweet embedded below, Blizzard’s team shooter hit 30 million total players:

To put that in perspective, if all the Overwatch players got together and formed a country, it’d be the 46th largest country in the world — right ahead of Mozambique.

While Blizzard has certainly sold a lot of copies of Overwatch, this 30 million number probably doesn’t represent total sales. Through free weekend events, there are surely many people who registered but weren’t converted to paying customers. It also doesn’t represent active players, but rather anyone who has had an account at any time over the game’s 11-month existence.

If the current pattern holds, look forward to us reporting on 40 million Overwatch players sometime in September or so.

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