Overcooked 2 gets even more tense with four-star challenges on PC

New Game+ coming soon to consoles

That wasn’t long at all! And now I’m low-key panicking because I have less time than I thought to get ready for New Game+ mode in Overcooked 2. The update launched today for PC, adding a new fourth star to earn on every level once you beat the game. It’ll be here “very soon” on consoles.

  • New Game + added (unlocks once all the story mode levels have been completed in Campaign)
  • Added a couple of treats for players who complete New Game+
  • Story mode: Chefs can now be changed through the pause menu when on the World Map
  • Star boundaries for all levels are now displayed on the world map, loading screen, and the results screen
  • Story mode: Levels now display a preview image on the World Map
  • Updated description for “Dinner Party Posse” achievement text to specify Arcade mode.

I’m particularly looking forward to the preview image on the map. It’s a bummer to load up a level only to realize it’s a stressful kitchen that makes you holler (more than the normal amount, I mean).

New Game+ Update – Now Live! [Steam]

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