Over 2000 Rock Band tracks compatible with Pro Drums

You heard all about Rock Band 3‘s new Pro Mode, which basically lets you play the plastic instruments like they were real instruments and brings you one step closer to achieving your dreams of being a rock and roll superstar while simultaneously making me look like I have even less ability to follow a beat. You probably thought, “Well, that’s great for all the songs going forward, but there are literally hundreds of songs already out that I want to Pro with the drums, but won’t be able to because of they number of pads.” You were sad.

But be sad no more! Harmonix has confirmed that it is updating the entire Rock Band catalog to work in Pro Mode with the drums — for free. That’s more than 2000 songs, including DLC and all imported songs. Daniel Sussman, Project Director for Harmonix, spoke of it in an interview and said:

This was planned from the beginning of the project. From the first day we decided to include this “extra-charting” because we wanted to be prepared in case the day came, and it posed no additional effort.

In a word, that is just awesome. This is exactly why Rock Band continues to shine throughout all of its iterations.

More than 2000 songs will update for Pro-Drums in Rock Band 3 [PSN!, via GoNintendo]

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