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Outlanders lays its foundations on PC March 7

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Survival town-builder Outlanders is the latest game that will be leaving Apple Arcade to plant roots on new platformers. Pomelo Games’ builder is dropping on March 7, 2023.

First released on the iOS Apple Arcade in 2019, Outlanders is a survival town-builder, a genre that has been growing in popularity since Shining Rock Software’s 2014 hit, Banished. Since then, the formula has been expanded by games like Frostpunk and Settlement Survival. The focus of these games is on resource management, as your townsfolk suffer from a fatal condition known as mortality. Fail to keep them fed and healthy, and they will succumb to their diseases.

Outlanders attempts a more relaxed approach, but you’ll still be tasked with filling hungry bellies. It has a narrative campaign that has you follow the paths of various leaders. There is no combat, but the media around it shows construction near a volcano. Like other games in the series, you manage the workload of the town’s inhabitants, and you can pass decrees to work the ungrateful peons to an early grave. Improvements have been made to the UI and graphics to make it better suited to the good old mouse and keyboard setup. A sandbox mode will also be available if you do better without having to worry about goals or expectations.

Outlanders is currently available on iOS via Apple Arcade, and will be coming to PC on March 7, 2023. There is currently a PC demo available on Steam if you want to kick the tires.

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