Orcs Must Die 3 is trap-laying comfort food and it’s out on Steam, PS4, and Xbox

An acid trap working its magic in Orcs Must Die 3

You no longer need Stadia

It sure is nice to see Orcs Must Die 3 in the top sellers list on Steam. Some of us have been counting the days until the trap-setting action game shed its Stadia timed exclusivity, and I’m sure plenty of people didn’t even know there was a new OMD game, much less one that’s playable today. While we’ll still have to wait for the proper PS5 version “later this year,” Orcs Must Die 3 is out now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Two quick points to mention: it’s $30, and there’s online co-op support.

First thing this morning, I played Orcs Must Die 3‘s tutorial-like first mission (in the PS4 version, running on my PS5, just to make sure everything was working), and as soon as I started perma-upgrading my traps, my weekend plans were made. This is, once again, my jam. As someone who skipped Orcs Must Die Unchained, it’s been way too long since Orcs Must Die 2, and even if this ends up being more of the same, I’ll be very okay with it.

Campaign carnage aside, I’m looking forward to the new Scramble mode, in which your hero has to face five levels with escalating buffs and debuffs — think modifiers, like faster foes, or headshots that heal you — and you have some opportunities to reroll.

There’s also an Endless mode and Weekly Challenges.

I’ll share my full impressions next week. For those of you on PC (in theory the preferred platform for this series), Robot Entertainment has a technical support FAQ with notes about known issues; the studio also pushed a hotfix to disable HDR in the short term.

It seems there are some bumps to work through, but I’m glad to have this come out.

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