One developer gets super creative on the 3DS

While there have been attempts at small web based games on the DSi and 3DS using nothing but a link and Nintendo’s web browser, there aren’t many major experiences available. In what may be the early stages of a 3DS web game revolution, one developer in particular is taking it upon himself to spruce up the 3DS browsing experience.

By going to on your 3DS, you can access an alpha demonstration of an MMO, and by going to 3DS Plaza’s Sidescroller URL, you can access a rough platformer demo — fully playable using your 3DS inputs. Talk about homebrew! All of this comes from the creator of — a 3DS fan site, preferably accessed on an actual 3DS or DSi system.

While these may never come to fruition by the developer’s own admission, they’re still incredibly cool projects: especially given the fact that it’s spearheaded by just one guy (with a little help from a friend on Triniate). When you think about it, the 3DS doesn’t even support Java or Flash, so not many people would be willing to undertake a project like this — kudos to Rob, the developer, for giving fellow 3DS owners a fun way to spend their afternoon.

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