Oh look, it’s an Adventure Time BMO Switch charging station

‘This does compute!’

Adventure Time, come on grab your Switch, we’ll go to the very…distant Japan, with Reggie the rep and Miyamoto the president, the fun will never end, it’s Adventure Time!

Yes, this intrepid artist has managed to marry both Adventure Time and Nintendo’s latest console in the cutest way possible. The little portable companion BMO is front and center with this “Nintendo Switch Charging Station Dock Stand,” which is now taking pre-orders.

The Etsy store MadeinUrbana crafted this Switch stand, which slots the “original Switch” (likely not the Lite), so you can dock it and play games on BMO’s screen. When you’re not gaming, the stand doubles as a little action figure of sorts with an insert for the face. Note that this isn’t a proper dock per se, as you’ll need to do a bit more work to get that up and running: the store recommends an HDMI multihub. The stand also has proper vents in the back for “safety” reasons.

The only issue for some might be the price. It’s $199.20 right now, and new orders are aiming to be shipped for free in “4-6 weeks.” The store is looking to get pre-orders out “by Christmas.” So it might not arrive in time for someone to accept a pricey gift, but it looks fantastic nonetheless!

Adventure Time BMO Nintendo Switch Charging Station Dock Stand [Etsy]

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