Oh look, a Zelda: Breath of the Wild split-screen multiplayer mod

Breath of the Wild split-screen

You can see the Breath of the Wild split-screen mod in action below

A Zelda: Breath of the Wild split-screen multiplayer mod is like a dream come true, especially if it can be done with extra processing power. Well, dream no more.

Created by modder Kirbymimi, the mod adds multiplayer to the popular action-adventure romp. As the modder notes, the project was spurred by the desire to create new emergent situations that are only possible through the power of multiplayer, like sneaking into a bokoblin camp with one player serving as a distraction, while the other does a pincer maneuver. Or, spur-of-the-moment events like a plain old-fashioned shield race down a cliff, or taking down a boss together.

The mod actually supports up to four players, but right now there are some technical limitations. As is, using the link above, everyone shares the same screen, so a button to teleport everyone to the lead player is needed. However, as the popular YouTube channel Waikuteru points out, split-screen is also possible thanks to a beta version of the mod that’s coming out on July 29.

Now there are still technical limitations. As Waikuteru notes, the game “starts to lag if people are too far away” from one another, so it’s best for everyone to stay in the same area for the Breath of the Wild split-screen mod. Still, we can expect further refinements down the line, and the fact that this is even possible is amazing.

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