Oh hell yeah! Ashen Rift has dog testicle (balls!) physics

Havok? More like have-dick (and balls!)

Ashen Rift is a nice-looking, post apocalypse shooter, etc. There was a Kickstarter, now there is a new one. It’ll come to PC and PSN eventually. Now that the housekeeping is out of the way…


My enthusiasm was slightly undercut by my inability to make this new “.gifv” file format show up on this website, www.destructoid.com. This is why I tweeted it and embedded the tweet. This lovely video/moving image format hybrid comes from Barry Collins’ (Ashen Rift’s developer) recent Imgur gallery, which has more cool .gifv (pronounced “giff-vee”) and the like.

Anyways, look at those puppies bounce! This is my jam. My old friend had some giant mastiff named T-bone whose balls could’ve weighed down a prisoner on a chain gang  Good dog.

I hope beardy-mc-main-character is hangin’ some bumpin’ scro’ underneath his pants, too. Can we get some dick bulge physics coupled with all those draping cloth effects tech demos have been ballyhooing? What’s the point of lively, draping cloth if I can’t see some dick outline?  

Steven Hansen