Off-screen footage of Star Fox 64 3D and Mario Kart 3D

I almost didn’t post this stuff, but I was inspired by Jordan’s post about Paper Mario 3D. He’s so excited about the game. It made me think that some of you may have be equally excited about Star For 64 3D and Mario Kart 3D.

Thing is, other than some clearly improved texture work on Star For 64 3D, neither of these games look that impressive. Without the 3D effect, they’re just Star Fox 64 and Mario Kart… again. Mario Kart looks better than it did on the DS, but worse than it did on the Gamecube, and Star Fox 64 3D also looks like something from the space between Nintendo’s third and fourth home consoles.

I want these games pretty badly, but more for the way they play than the way they look. Or am I missing something?

Jonathan Holmes
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