No console price drops means sad Bobby Kotick

Consoles cost money. I keep trying to take a PS3 from my local Best Buy, but they refuse to hand it over if I don’t give them cash. Unfortunately, I don’t have cash and thus I can’t buy the console and thus I can’t buy the games on the console and, of most concern to Activsion CEO Bobby Kotick, I can’t buy Activision games on the console. It is in fact so concerning to him that he felt that the lack of a price cut for any of the consoles was one of the most disappointing things about E3.

Speaking to Bloomberg News, Kotick said he was “disappointed not to see any sort of aggressive price cutting,” at the recently concluded E3 2009. He followed up by explaining his logic: “Of all the things that the hardware companies need to be doing right now, it’s recognizing the difficulties of the economy and pricing their hardware appropriately.” Sounds fair to me, though the $60 price tag on every game can’t be helping game sales either. If you’re going to ask Sony and Microsoft to lose money you better be ready to bite the bullet yourself, Mr. Kotick. 

Matthew Razak