Nintendo wants to tempt you with two other 3DS XL designs

The NES edition was a bit of a missed opportunity

Just when you thought you were ready to jump ship for a New 3DS, Nintendo announces several more systems in an attempt to sway you into buying yet another 3DS XL you don’t need. And that’s not even counting the sweet Persona Q model that Dale told you about earlier. There’s already been about four that I’ve almost hopped on, but I’ve been able to hold out this far.

First up will be quite familiar, as we’ve heard tell of it across the internet for some time. The Super Smash Bros. Edition will go on sale on September 19 for $199 in preparation for the October 3 launch of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and it’s bright red, emblazoned with the cast of characters from the game. Unfortunately, the system does not come with the game. Bummer. Also, you’ll only be able to get it at GameStop. 

Second, we’ve got what could have been a gorgeous NES design that’s marred by having the entire NES controller on the lid. The inside looks okay, but they really screwed up by making it this unattractive. Had they, as our own Kyle had suggested, made the lid look like the NES like the Game Boy Advance SP, it would have really made a splash. Instead, it’s a little disappointing now, even though the inside is pretty cool. It’s coming to GameStop as an exclusive on October 10. 

So, yeah. You’ll have to go to GameStop for these. Sorry. 

Brittany Vincent