Nintendo Switch retro controllers now compatible with Steam

steam switch controller pc update

Now we just need a Steam port of GoldenEye 007

Yesterday, the Steam platform released its newest client update, which adds a compatibility function for the Nintendo Switch Online range of classic controllers. The new-school/old-school gamepads can now be used for a plethora of Steam games, bringing further options to the massive library of PC titles.

The Nintendo Switch NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis controllers will function with essentially all Steam releases, though one will obviously have to adapt to certain titles, given the required number of buttons or the button layout required for each game. Button customization will, obviously, be your friend here, but while it will be neat to play Streets of Rage 4 with an authentic Sega Mega Drive controller… God of War? Perhaps not so much.

It should also be noted that these controllers are not always the easiest to come by. While the NES and SNES controllers are now far more available than they were at launch, the Nintendo 64 controller remains something of a tough cookie to track down. No doubt a restock will be forthcoming, but Nintendo has always been a little on the lax side when it comes to readily available hardware.

Other controllers added in the new update include the HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4, the Qanbi Obsidian, and Dragon Arcade sticks. For full details on the new update, visit the official Steam forums right here.

Chris Moyse
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