Nintendo showcases more bonkers Pokemon Sun and Moon forms

Rockruff becomes Lugarugan

It’s that time of year — the time when Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will send us droplets of Pokemon Sun & Moon info every few days or so, and we’ll like it!

The new tidbit has to do with Rockruff, who is basically assimilating the role of the “Pikachu” of the game, seeing as he’s in a lot of the promotional material and the star of the manga. His new evolution has been revealed (Lugarugan), and he either looks regal during the day, or super creepy and demonic at night.

Beyond that there are a number of different Ultra Beasts (going along with the last update we got), and the realization that Ash will get his very own Z-Ring in the new Sun & Moon anime series (buy now, kids!). He’s also going to go to school and attempt to graduate. This franchise is so off the rails at this point, and I love it.

Pokemon Sun & Moon – CoroCoro [Serebii]

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