Nintendo says Fire Emblem Fates is the ‘best-ever launch’ for the series

Well deserved

Despite its confusing release strategy, most of you seemed okay with how Fire Emblem Fates was being presented, and Nintendo has just confirmed that fact this morning. It’s calling the launch of Fates the “best-ever” in the series, with more than 300,000 units sold across all SKUs. For reference, it has outsold Awakening five times over within the first three days of its release. Birthright sold more than Conquest, which was “close behind.”

It’s not even out in Europe yet!

For the record, yet again, all three releases are three separate games, all individually on par with the size of Awakening, which was sold as a $40 game back in 2013. They aren’t three “chopped-up pieces of DLC.” The actual DLC maps started on February 19, and will run weekly through April 21.

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