Nintendo pitches Detective Pikachu and his wacky voice in 30 seconds


The 3DS isn’t quite dead yet, as Nintendo has a few first-party games slated for 2018, on top of several third party offerings.

This month’s flavor is Detective Pikachu, the wacky adventure that involves a talking Pikachu and the mystery of a boy named Tim’s missing father. Nintendo has crafted a slick 30-second pitch trailer directly before its launch, setting up the general narrative as well as giving us a look at the talking wise-cracking titular detective.

Detective Pikachu already arrived back in 2016 in Japan, and will drop in the west on March 23 alongside of a giant Pikachu amiibo. The upcoming film, featuring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, is expected to arrive in May of 2019.

Chris Carter
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