Nintendo offering limited edition New 3DS to Club Nintendo members

Seeking the willing to spread the word

Some Nintendo fans in Europe woke up to a surprise this morning, an opportunity for a limited “Ambassador” edition of the New 3DS handheld. The limited edition hardware bundles in an exclusive front cover plate, a pair of Super Smash Bros. cover plates, and a charging cradle for £179.99. It can be ordered, if you qualify, through Club Nintendo.

This announcement has caused some confusion, owing to the use of “ambassador,” the same term Nintendo used in their placation of pre-price drop purchasers of the original 3DS. Members of that “Ambassador Program” (which awarded Virtual Console titles to qualifying 3DS owners in 2011) are not necessarily eligible to buy the new hardware, as Nintendo has extended the offer only to, “selected Club Nintendo members.”

No word yet if a similar offer is being extended to Club Nintendo members in other regions, though it seems likely we won’t be waiting long to find out. The European offer expires on January 12.

[Via Eurogamer]

Conrad Zimmerman