Nintendo not dropping support for DS in favor of 3DS

This is one of those stories where I really wanted to put Captain Obvious up there — especially since I already went to the printed money well once this week — but I just can’t because this seems to actually not be obvious to some people. So, here goes:

A representative from Nintendo has stated to CVG that the company won’t stop producing games for the old DS because there’s a new handheld on the way.

That should so be a, “duh” kind of thing. The install base for the DS is massive and you’d have to be a friggin’ idiot to abandon support for that. Not to mention that Nintendo has a pretty good track record when it comes to supporting their handhelds, though it didn’t hurt that they’ve always had some measure of backwards compatibility to ensure that the market grew into its new hardware easily.

But, seriously, there were GBA games published by Nintendo coming out in 2007, three years after the DS first released. I think we’re all going to be fine.

Nintendo ‘very much committed’ to DS support [CVG via GoNintendo]

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