Mario Kart chocolate? I’d eat this in a hot second

Mario Kart chocolate

I’d be tempted to throw them like power-ups, too

When I was in Japan, I was a sucker for all sorts of themed food. I mean it’s everywhere: Capcom cafes, Gundam cafes, Pokemon cafes. You name it, if it’s a popular IP, it likely has a little rice dish in the shape of a head somewhere, among other flavored drinks in the theme of some other character. But this assortment of Mario Kart chocolate shared by Redditor ronberg really needs to be official, and shipped worldwide.

According to the post ronberg didn’t make it, as the title is “my gf made Mario Kart chocolate.” Commenters managed to court some more info, and ronberg confirms that they’re actually pralines of the pistachio, nougat, and caramel variety. The yellow things are bananas and the black chocolates are Bullet Bills. Their significant other apparently makes them at home and “sells a bit.” I think it’s time to bring this thing to conventions: make it national!

Weirdly, this amazing craft comes at the perfect time, when Nintendo is doing an Edible Arrangements promotion. A selection of chocolates and fruits from the gift-purveyor is up for grabs, and you can allegedly earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points for taking part.

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