Nintendo made printable strategy booklets for Mario Strikers Switch

strategy booklets for Mario Strikers Switch

Ah instructional manuals, I missed you old friends

Thanks to a My Nintendo update, strategy booklets for Mario Strikers Switch are on the menu, hearkening back to the bygone era of manuals.

For the sum total cost of zero platinum points, you can download the strategy booklets for Mario Strikers Switch yourself. There’s two in total: one that goes over basic techniques, and another that focuses on advanced mechanics. Both of them run the gamut of the game’s tutorial system, and really, the advanced booklet isn’t a bad thing to have near you as you’re learning the game.

Interestingly, they fold in such a way that they can be turned into actual booklets. They even have a full page dedicated to folding and cutting! If you’re game for a crafting project that requires identifying “mountain fold lines and valley fold lines” you’re set this afternoon. As an added bonus: Thankfully, Nintendo has crafted the booklets to ensure they can both be stored in the actual Mario Strikers: Battle League case.

If only you could order physical manuals for every first-party Nintendo game

I get wanting to cut down on environmental footprints, but providing a “print on demand” service for manuals sounds like a really interesting potential market opportunity. Even if they were sparing and linked to the My Nintendo physical goods system, there’s something there.

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