Nintendo launches 3DS Ambassador eligibility tool

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The deadline has passed quite some time ago for all you Nintendo 3DS early adopters to get on the eShop in order to be officially recognized as a “3DS Ambassador.” If you wanted those free original Nintendo and Game Boy Advance games, you’ve probably already done that and are eagerly awaiting 20 free games.

Some of you aren’t, however. In fact, some of you might not be able to sleep at night because you’re not sure whether or not you’ve been recognized. Just think about it for a second, what if you haven’t? Okay, now that I’ve got you scared, allow me to introduce you to the “Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Eligibility” tool.

The tool is easy to use, and only requires your handheld’s serial number. Just type it in and you’ll have peace of mind that you are an Ambassador.

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Eligibility Tool [Nintendo Support]

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