Nintendo is cracking down on pirates with Pokemon Sun and Moon

Perhaps more than ever

If you’ve been skating by hacking Pokemon in the past, Nintendo is going to crack down more than they have in the past. Illegal Sun and Moon pirates have been reporting that Nintendo has been handing out 15-day bans to players who have attempted to connect to the pair of game’s online services provided that you haven’t been flagged in the past.

For those of you that have been flagged, you’ll be dealing with a permanent ban. Some users are saying that even if you merely visit the eShop with a flagged pirated copy, you’ll get the boot. And for a game like Pokemon that can be highly abused, it’s great to see Nintendo cracking down, at least for the sake of keeping online play fair.

Nintendo comienza a banear a los jugadores piratas de Pokémon Sol y Luna [NextN]

Chris Carter
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