Nintendo is back to making a profit

Ninty’s rolling in dough again

Earlier this morning Nintendo released its results for the last financial year, ending May 31 2015, and we have good news. Nintendo is back to profitability! After several fiscal years of losses Nintendo is climbing back up again.

Right, let’s start digging into some of these cool sales figures we got along with the news.

While the Wii U has yet to break ten million units sold worldwide, the 3DS family (3DS, 2DS, New 3DS, 3DS XL, any other stuff that is basically a 3DS) has sold over 52 million units. 

The Wii U has currently sold 9,540,000 units worldwide, which is under half of the 21 million lifetimes sales of the GameCube. While the console has suffered poor hardware sales numbers, the attach rate for games is currently sitting at a fairly impressive 5.94 games per console. 

We also know that Mario Kart 8 has sold 5.11 million copies worldwide and Smash Bros. sold 3.65 million copies.

Lastly, Nintendo apparently are planning to take a “more active approach” to character merchandising going forward outside of games. Hmmm, could that Zelda Netflix show be real after all?

Honestly, I’m just glad to know Nintendo is doing slightly better than it was last year. As many silly decisions as it makes I can’t help but love the company.

Laura Dale