Nintendo has some new original 3DS units in stock

Last chance?

Nintendo’s online store has a handful of brand new original 3DS units available for purchase, including the blue Luigi’s Mansion bundle and the red Super Mario 3D Land bundle. Although we have no sources to confirm this, it’s easy to assume these are leftover units from the final production run. This theory is corroborated by the fact that you can still buy new Metallic Rose DSi XLs from the same online shop.

This comes months after my story about the 3DS being discontinued. I stand by that report, in part because of comments I was asked not to publish. You still can’t find a new original 3DS at any major retailer.

To speculate, this could be a case of Nintendo testing the waters to see if the similarly-sized New Nintendo 3DS would play to their core demographic. After all, the original 3DS XL is no longer advertised on the official 3DS site. Maybe they’re making room for those hot faceplates?

Mike Cosimano