Nintendo gives us more details on Splatoon 3’s upcoming X Battles system

X Battles system

Only for “players ranked S+0 or higher”

In the next seasonal update slated for December 1 (titled “Chill”), we’re getting a number of content drops in Splatoon 3, including a few new modes, weapons, and levels.

For a subset of people, the “X Battles” addition could be the most impactful, as it promises a higher stakes ranked mode beyond what Anarchy Battles provide.

Here’s Nintendo’s full breakdown:

“Also, quick reminder that X Battles are coming in Chill Season! Players ranked S+0 or higher can get in on some action that is decidedly NOT chill. You’ll have to put your own X Power on the line to take part, but don’t worry—Anarchy Battles will still be available as well. If you do decide to take the plunge into X Battles, you’ll need to join one of two divisions sponsored by local gear brands. The Takoroka Division covers Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, while the Americas and Europe play in the Tentatek Division.”

In short, X Battles are an additional thing (and currently the highest tier possible) for competitive players to jump into. But it’s very important to note that even if you’ve raised your rank to the point where you’ve unlocked X Battles, Anarchy Battles will still be available on a separate tier. So even if you end up not liking it, you can just trade back down.

I also highly suspect that X Battles are going to be getting a number of tweaks going forward, just like nearly every other mode in the game so far.

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