Nintendo expects to sell less 3DS hardware, more Wii U software

Modified fiscal forecasts

Nintendo has altered its fiscal year (April 2015-March 2016) forecasts to account for a few snags, and one small bump. In the 3DS arena, it’s expecting to not only sell less hardware (one million units less), but less software (a nine million decrease) as well. The original Wii is basically right on target hardware-wise, but will see a slight increase in terms of software sold (three hundred thousand more units).

The Wii U is also remaining the same (with low projections) in terms of hardware, but software sales are expected to greatly increase (by four hundred thousand units). Oh no Nintendo is in trouble! Except for the small country GDP it has in the bank.

Though if the NX tanks, I wonder how it’ll react.

Full-Year Financial Forecast Modifications [Nintendo]

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