Nintendo: DS support will continue after 3DS

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I don’t think you’re too worried about that, are you? I’m not. I’m ready to move on. The 3DS is so shiny and new that it’s hard to look at the DS anymore. But if you’re still wanting to do that bland old 2D thing even after the 3DS comes out early next year, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata brings good news. 

“We have no plans to immediately cease any activities for Nintendo DS,” Iwata said in a recent briefing. He also kind of calls out us here in the United States (and Germany) on speed of adoption of new offerings. They feel that Japan is the fastest, but we’re pretty slow to pick up on new tech releases. 

“In the U.S., so many people respond to new platforms quickly, but as for the entire video game market there, it appears to move rather slowly because there are also so many people who respond to new offers very slowly.”

It sounds like the change in support time will vary from market to market. Nintendo also knows that the worldwide user base for the DS is massive. It would be silly of them not to continue to support the DS with new titles. 

Iwata: ‘No Plans To Immediately Cease’ DS Support Following 3DS Debut [Gamasutra]

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