Nintendo downloads: Xevious 3D is the ‘best’ we have


Another Thursday, another 3DS-flavored letdown. This week, the best the eShop has to offer is a 3D Classics version of Xevious. There are no Virtual Console games at all this week. When we get 3D Classics (and Nintendo’s definition of the word “classic” is incredibly loose), Nintendo’s apparently allowed a week off from the arduous task of porting a Game Boy ROM. 

Three DSiWare games are on offer — Antipole, Kung Fu Dragon and Trollboarder — none of which you’ll purchase. WiiWare is getting a game called Bobby Carrot Forever today. Yeah. 

Otherwise, that’s it. Nintendo Video is coming to North America today as well, but from what I’ve heard about the European version, that’ll be a load of gibbon spunk as well. Viva la 3DS!

Jim Sterling