Nintendo downloads: Kirby Fantasy Dream III Land

Kirby’s Dream Land on the 3DS Virtual Console? Finally, you’re starting to talk my language, Nintendo! Of course, I look forward to them instantly disappointing me next week with The Mask of Zorro for Game Boy Color or something, but for now I am satisfied!

The 3DS eShop and DSiWare will be getting Moto eXtreme today, which is some sort game involving vehicles that go fast. The Wii is getting a high profile title in Final Fantasy III, a Virtual Console title that may or may not interest you depending on how many versions you already have. 

Also new is The Lost Town – The Dust (eShop), Boardwalk Ball Toss (eShop, DSiWare), Heart Spades Euchre (eShop, DSiWare) and Big Town Shoot Out (WiiWare). Doesn’t that little lot sound riveting?

That’s your Ninendo fun for this week. Now I’m off to download me some Kirby action.

Jim Sterling