Nintendo downloads: Avenging Spirit

The most noteworthy release this week is Avenging Spirit, a Game Boy title for the 3DS’ Virtual Console. If you’ve never played it, it’s an action game in which you “Help a heroic ghost rescue his girlfriend from her kidnappers so he can finally rest in peace.” Sounds delightfully morbid. 

The eShop also gets Go! Go! Kokopolo, in which you control a “hyperactive wildcat” across “80 stages of pure arcade mayhem.” The 3DS’ downloads are rounded out by Crazy Hamster, which sounds crap, and My Asian Farm, which sounds racist. 

The Wii’s Virtual Console is getting Super Adventure Island II while WiiWare receives Kyotokei.

That’s it for games. There’s also a Glee 3D trailer coming to the 3DS, but if that excites you, you’re a horrible person.

James Stephanie Sterling