Nintendo Download: Crysis Remastered

Also, Rogue Company

The time has finally come…to play Crysis again?

Yep, in what is sure to be a very “curious buy release,” Crysis is out and remastered on Switch today. Other marquee Switch games include Carrion, Dex and Ageless.

Also, don’t forget Rogue Company. While it’s technically in Early Access, the surprise-launched game is from Hi-Rez studios, the makers of the still-going-strong SMITE. Why is Rogue Company of note? Well, it’s cross-play for all supported platforms (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One) and has cross-progression out of the gate. So if you play on Switch on the go, you can swap to PC whenever.

Kinda neat!

  • Aeolis Tournament
  • Arcade Archives Kangaroo
  • Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel
  • Checkers
  • Colloc
  • Cubicity
  • Cyber Complex
  • Desktop Volleyball
  • Detective Driver: Miami Files
  • Epic Word Search Collection 2
  • Escape Game Fort Boyard 
  • Fibbage XL
  • Hunt
  • Interrogation: You will be deceived 
  • Jisei: The First Case HD
  • Max and the book of chaos
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII 
  • Mittelborg: City of Mages 
  • Need a packet?
  • Quiplash
  • Rainswept
  • Retrovamp
  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • Slots of Poker at Aces Casino
  • SpyHack
  • Sudoku Relax 5 Full Bloom
  • Tales from the Dragon Mountain: The Strix
  • They Breathe 
  • Travel Mosaics 4: Adventures In Rio
  • Unlock the King 2
  • Up Cliff Drive               

If you missed last week’s edition, here it is. For those who are interested, sales are going on for all platforms.

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