Nintendo DLC: Paint Splash! Golf! Puzzle Rocks!

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It’s “shop” update time, guys! That means all manner of Nintendo’s shops — the Wii Shop Channel, the 3DS eShop, and the DSiWare Shop — are all updated! So what’s on the plate for today? Let’s have a look…


  • Golf [Game Boy] – $2.99



Can’t say all that much is appealing to me this week, and I’ll probably hold on to my points until MotoHeroz drops. DotMan’s title screen does feature a sexy anime chick and a sports car, so that might be a selling point for some of you.

Also of note, one of your 3DS videos has been replaced with “Blue Man Group: Dance Like The Stars!” This is a video in which the Blue Man Group… dances like the stars? I don’t know. I have to turn on my 3DS to find out, so let me get to that.

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