Nintendo DLC: Netflix, Rickrolls and pixel cars

HAHAHA! Netflix on that little screen! HAHAHAH!

If you’re down for Netflix in miniature on your 3DS screen, you can download an app today for free to let you log on and watch. Check out the awesome, awesome screenshots above from the app.

On the Nintendo eShop the Game & Watch Gallery is now available for $2.99. You’ll get Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic, all coming in both original and revised versions. eShop also gets the Game Boy classic Baseball for $2.99.

Game AfterZoom ($4.99) turns your system’s camera into a sort of microscope. But not really. Extreme Hangman 2 doesn’t sound very extreme to me, but what do you expect for $1.99? Puzzle Fever looks like a brain buster, but could be great if you’re into that. Finally, DSiWare title Just SING! 80’s Collection has songs like “Like a Virgin,” “Take On Me,” “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “The Heat is On.” If you’re no stranger to love, this is only $4.99.

There’s only one WiiWare game this week and it looks like a winner. 3D Pixel Racing (500 Wii Points) is made entirely of 3D pixel blocks, cars included. There’s even two and four-player split screen racing. It certainly looks worth your $5, at least.

Dale North