Nintendo DLC: Mighty Switch Force!

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WayForward’s Mighty Switch Force! lands this week for $5.99. Yes. The next in their Mighty series, this one has you running and gunning, but also solving puzzles at the same time. Everything about this title is great. My friend Jake “virt” Kaufman did a fantastic job on its musical score. I’m am buying this today, and I hope that you will too.

Tetris has been re-released for the 3DS on the Nintendo eShop. $3.99 gets you the same old green/black version you enjoyed on Game Boy, but now with slippery little buttons instead of proper sized ones.

Rytmik Retrobits is a really cool beat/music sequencer for your Nintendo portable. $7.99 gets you retro drum machines, chippy sounds, and basically everything you need to make electronic music. Very, very cool stuff. There’s tons of amazing compositions out there done with this software.

Other eShop offerings this week Chronicles of Vampires: Origins ($4.99) and Doodle Fit ($4.99).

For WiiWare we only have two this week: 4-player arcade fighter Gnomz (1,000 Wii Points) and Soccer Up (500 Wii Points).

What are you getting this week?

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