Nintendo details exactly what Splatoon 3 free post-launch updates entail

Splatoon 3 free updates

New stages, new catalog and weapons every three months, and X battle and league battle

Post-launch, Nintendo is doling out Splatoon 3 free updates, just like they have with prior games in the series. They said as much in the Nintendo Direct this week, but thanks to a Nintendo UK tweet, have more details on what they’re actually doing with the threequel.

As expected, we’re getting a new catalog of items and weapons every three months. During the Direct, Nintendo explained that like prior games, the world of Splatoon will be shifting and evolving over time, especially when it comes to style. Hence, a new set of threads and other outfits will be introduced alongside weapon rotations (kind of like Fortnite and other shooters). New stages are also going to be part of that plan, adding onto the 12 stages that will be present at launch. Nintendo also promises battle and league battle updates.

Get ready to get sucked back into Splatoon 3 for a while

There’s also the strong possibility that the card game mode could be updated as well, on top of Salmon Run. At this point, Splatoon 3 has quite a bit to do, and for me, the card game was the tipping point. I mean odds are you probably won’t dig every mode in Splatoon, but now with more of them thrown at you, it’ll be hard to deny the siren’s song of all of them. Plus, that three-team Splatfest concept sounds like it’ll be pure chaos.

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