Nintendo AR cards now available through Android App

The Android Marketplace is a vast, wild and untamed frontier. New surprises crop up all the time, but they’re generally in the form of some ripped-off clone of some game or other. But here’s a gaming app that I’m going to download right away: 3DS AR Cards

Hard as it may be to puzzle out from the name, the free app allows you to use your Android device to display AR cards for your 3DS camera to read. It comes with the six cards packaged with the 3DS and it’s a great idea. I know that I’ll eventually just misplace or mangle my AR cards. Having them available on the other device that’s always going to be in my pocket seems like a considerable convenience. Too bad there’s no chance in Hell Nintendo will ever sell cards digitally this way.

3DS AR Cards [Android Marketplace via GoNintendo]

Conrad Zimmerman