Nintendo announces Pokepark for Wii

As rumored last week, Nintendo today officially announced Pokepark for the Wii. Very little was said about the game, but a briefing held for retailers last week had a few loose-lipped attendees, and they’ve let a Meowth or two out of the bag.

You’ll take control of Pikachu, with your initial objective being to make friends with the other Pokemon at the park. This is done via minigames like tag, battles and quizzes. Once you’ve earned a few buddies, you can team up with them for more advanced co-op adventures.

Interaction with other Pokemon naturally makes up a big part of the game, and Pokepark is said to feature a screen grab mode, which allows you to take snapshots of your favorites, or any interesting Poke-happenings. Sounds a bit like Pokemon Snap! for Wii, maybe. The game is scheduled for release in Japan on December 5th at 4,800 Yen (roughly $50) and is rumored to include a pack of stickers for pimping out your Wiimote with Poke-things.

I think this game looks f*cking awesome, and I don’t care what anyone says about that.

[Via Andriasang]

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