Nintendo announces new 3DS robot sports game Blast Ball

Live at the Nintendo World Championships

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Rumor has it that Nintendo will formally announce the next Star Fox game and show some live competition from the title later tonight at the Nintendo World Championships. It wouldn’t be the first announcement of the night for them, as they’ve already shown us Earthbound Beginnings and now Blast Ball, a competitive mech combat sports title.  

We don’t know a ton about the game at the moment, but here’s what we’ve seen so far. The basic rules are the same as Soccer/Football, but instead of kicking the ball, you shoot the ball in your mech. Things are played in first person, teams are three-on-three. Various power-ups drop in the field as you play. Your goal is to get the ball in the other side’s goal, but blasting opposing player with the ball can damage them, leading them to be eventually be disabled for a undetermined amount of time. Shots can be charged, and you can eject from your mech as well. The goal also shrinks the more that it gets scored on. 

Nintendo is playing it live right now, so if you catch something about Blast Ball we missed, let us know in the comments. 

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