Nintendo and GameStop releasing a very handsome Zelda New 2DS XL

Triforce of WANT!!!

Nintendo’s never dying line of 3DS consoles will be getting yet another Zelda themed system soon. Nintendo is partnering with GameStop to release a very handsome New 2DS XL themed after the Triforce Crest. You’ll be able to grab the system for $159.99 on July 2. While the exclusivity definitely stings, I’m very much in love with this design.  Even as a happy owner of the Majora’s Mask handheld, I’m honestly considering replacing it for this model.

Along with just being gorgeous, you’ll also receive a pre-installed copy of A Link Between Worlds to go along with your purchase. I still believe that is one of the best 2D Zelda games ever made, so this is basically a no-brainer for people looking to jump into the 3DS family of systems and are fans of Zelda.

Nintendo of America [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.