Nintendo 3DS gets its douchiest trailer yet

So, did you think that last 3DS trailer was as douchey as trailers get? Allow Nintendo to surprise you, dear friends!

Here is yet another “reaction” video for the 3DS, in which Nintendo tries to convince you that its upcoming system is amazing through the medium of horrible actors with faces that you want to kick into a lumpy, gelatinous soup. 

It’ll probably work, too!

Update: Due to overwhelming demand, I have given the new douchebags their all-important nicknames. Say hello to (in order of appearance) Spunkston Scoville, Tisha Cherryteets, Manny Mumbles, Tonka “Two-Steps” Shitflinger, Jon Stewart’s Cloned Vagina, Frizzy Von Tizzy, Dilweed Rootstock, Lil’ Pumper Prickanickle, “Tasty” Frank Fingers, Squawkish Scarfbitch, Professor Hermit Turtles, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Shaddock Schmenk, Lucy Pukesnatch, The Munter Sisters and Jenny Smelly.     

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