Nintendo 3DS Games are 2 for $30 at Toys R Us

Rare summer Nintendo 3DS game sale

Nintendo 3DS games are a bit cheaper this week in a Toys R Us game sale with 2 games for $30. This brand new offer makes any two 3DS or DS games priced $20, only $30 at checkout.

In total there are 182 titles that qualify for the sale all of which you can view here. The savings doesn’t care really when the game was released as several 2016 launched Nintendo Selects titles such as Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D are qualifying. While there are dozens more, our top picks are listed below:

The sale looks to be going well for Toys R Us, as a few titles have already sold out. Yesterday we saw both Sonic Rush and Animal Crossing: New Leaf go out of stock. If there’s a must-have 3DS title in your mind, picking it up sooner will lower the chances of a dead deal.

Games priced more than $19.99 unfortunately will not qualify for the “2 for $30” discount. This applies to pretty much all Pokemon titles, which Toys R Us knows they can get away with selling for full price.