NieR: Automata Switch port shows off some exclusive DLC content

nier: automata end of yorha switch dlc

2B getting a lil’ foxy

We are just a few weeks out from the Nintendo Switch port of the exciting and highly melodramatic NieR: Automata. Publisher Square Enix has released a new trailer showing off the PlatinumGames-produced action-adventure, also taking the time to spotlight some exclusive new DLC content.

The Switch port, titled NieR: Automata — End of YORHA Edition, will already feature all of the post-release skins, gear, and other additional items featured in its PlayStation, PC, and Xbox brethren, but will also include the all-new “6C2P4A118680823” DLC pack, which will include new character costumes for protagonists 2B, 9S, and A2, as well as new looks for their respective pods. The DLC includes outfits based on the recent remake NieR: Replicant, as well as some traditional Japanese garb, including samurai and kunoichi gear, complete with fox masks.

NieR: Automata first launched on PS4 back in 2017 and has slowly gathered a larger and larger audience in the ensuing years. The dizzying hack ‘n’ slash title tells the story of a war between mankind and the machines, and the fates of the sentient androids that are placed right in the center of the interplanetary conflict. NieR: Automata has won praise for its bleak, dystopian world, dramatic storytelling, smart enemy design, and its unforgettable protagonist, 2B, who has fast become a gaming icon. And with the release The End of YORHA Edition no doubt bring further acolytes are to be brought into the fold.

NieR: Automata — End of YORHA Edition launches October 6 on Nintendo Switch.

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