NieR Automata Switch resolution and framerate

Square Enix confirms NieR: Automata Switch is 1080p docked, 30 FPS

NieR: Automata Switch is 720p in portable mode

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We have confirmation of NieR: Automata Switch specs and things are looking good!

Announced very plainly on Twitter thanks to the NieR Japan account, Square Enix states that the resolution for docked/TV mode is 1920x1080p, with concessions for 1280x720p in tabletop/portable mode. They also clearly state the framerate: 30FPS. Well, that’s pretty cut and dried!

This is important to note, as the account is tweeting out new details in regards to the Switch port of the game, following the reveal in the Nintendo Direct Mini. Some folks were noting that the Square Enix site stated a “60 FPS” framerate, but that figure seems to be copied and pasted from the Yorha Edition specs on other platforms. We’ve reached out for clarification on the matter, but until then we’re confident that 30 FPS is the target for Switch.

As a reminder, NieR Automata is out on October 6 on the Switch platform. Thankfully, it will not be a cloud-based nonsense release! Take that Kingdom Hearts. While the jury is out on how stable the game actually is in the end, it looks like Square Enix is perfectly capable of putting out non-cloud ports. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the Switch and not an outlier.

NieR: Automata Switch specs confirmation:

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