New SSX to feature ‘iconic exaggeration’ art style

Look closely at this latest SSX developer diary and maybe you’ll see some gameplay footage. I think at like 16 seconds in there’s some gameplay…and then again at 24.

Oh, or maybe that’s SSX 3. It goes by too fast; hard to tell. Either case leaves me hopeful. If it’s the newest game, great! It looks like SSX 3! If it’s just them playing SSX 3 for reference, great! They’re playing SSX 3 for reference!

I’ve been excited about a new SSX since day one, even after that first trailer that had that dark vibe. You know, SSX: Black Ops? That’s what the Internet was calling it, right?

Watch this new developer diary, and see the internal concepts they’re drawing up for the game. There’s nothing about it that screams Black Ops to me, but I’m on the verge of shouting “Gimme now, thanks!”

Nick Chester