New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokemon revealed as Grafaiai

Grafaiai Pokemon

Say hello to the newest addition to the Paldea region

Following several posts teasing the news, we’re seeing the newest addition to the Paldea region. Grafaiai is a new Pokemon debuting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Grafaiai is categorized as the “Toxic Monkey” Pokemon. It’s naturally a Poison/Normal Type, and is pretty tiny.

According to the Pokemon page, Grafaiai is a moody Pokemon with a “fastidious” disposition. It’s a bit of a loner, and usually gets caught up in territorial fights with other Pokemon.

Grafaiai is nocturnal, and covers its hands in poison to mark patterns on trees as part of securing its territory. This poisonous saliva can paralyze Bug Pokemon, which Grafaiai can then collect up. Better keep your Butterfree away from it!

The saliva can change color based on what Grafaiai eats, and becomes concentrated when the little guy senses danger. I’m guessing by the name that Grafaiai is based on an Aye-Aye, which also forages for food and has incredibly long fingers.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Grafaiai

Another addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This adds to the list of new Pokemon arriving in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Alongside the Pokemon Grafaiai, we’ve also seen newcomers like Lechonk and Fidough, who both overtook the internet with their adorable designs.

While Grafaiai doesn’t seem to have the same ability to accost social media’s attention, I think it’s a neat design. And hey, another painter Pokemon to hang out with Smeargle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are due to arrive on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch, with a host of features in tow. From riding a Legendary Pokemon as a bike to co-op adventures, it certainly seems like a very different Pokemon journey. Hopefully we’ll see some more new Pokemon, and maybe even some neat new regional variants for Paldea, in the run-up to November.

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