A new Mafia game is reportedly in very early development

Mafia game

A report on Hangar 13 claims a Mafia prequel is on the way

It looks like the Mafia series is looking further back to the past. A new report from Kotaku indicates that a new Mafia game is in early development at Hangar 13.

The report, which also covers studio head Haden Blackman’s departure from the studio after seven years, says a new Mafia is in “very early” development according to a source familiar with the plans.

This game, reportedly code-named Nero, is expected to be a prequel to the Mafia trilogy. It’s set to be made in Unreal Engine 5, rather than the Mafia III engine used for the Definitive Edition.

Kotaku also reports that alongside Blackman, Matthew Urban is also departing. Urban was Hangar 13’s chief operating officer. The report indicates some more are looking for the door following those departures. 2K declined to comment on the report.

Back to the golden oldies

Hangar 13 has been in a strange position for a while, ever since shipping Mafia III. Though it sold pretty fast at launch, reception was divisive. Several new projects were spun up and canceled afterwards, including the code-name Volt that was cut after a significant chunk of change had already been put into it.

Nick Baynes looks to be taking the lead at Hangar 13 now, as development on the Mafia prequel is underway. Baynes was previously the head of Hangar 13’s Brighton studio in the UK. Blackman, meanwhile, is off to pursue a new endeavor.

According to Kotaku’s report, Take-Two has been making use of Hangar 13’s developers to assist on other games, like the recently launched Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. With this reported new Mafia prequel, it’s hopeful that Hangar 13 will get something of its own out there. I’m definitely open to a new Mafia game from this studio, either way.

Eric Van Allen