New FPS confirmed from the creators of Black

We heard a rumor a long time ago that the developers of Black were making a new first-person-shooter, and that same bit of gossip has reared its head once more, accompanied by fresh details. This time, the project has been confirmed by Codemasters, who has been revealed as a co-conspirator. 

The new game is being designed by Stuart Black, senior designer on Criterion’s popular 2005 shooter, and a man conceited enough to share a name with his own game. Sony London graduate Tom Gillo and former Blackrock senior producer Andrew Wilson have joined the eight man team behind this mystery shooter.

This could all possibly tie in with the shooter that Official Xbox Magazine teased in its last issue. If these two stories are linked, then it could very well turn out that Black 2 is in the works and will be revealed very soon. Of course, this could also be something totally new. Either way, this game has some solid talent behind it so it’s going to definitely be a game to watch.

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James Stephanie Sterling